Groups of users can be assigned permissions

Sometimes administrators find it easier to maintain permissions on groups of users instead of on individual users. That way, if a group of people have access to a directory, the group can be assigned rights to the directories and the administrator only needs to modify the members of the group to maintain the permissions.

If SystemAuth is enabled CVSNT will automatically add all the system groups for the user to the list of available groups. If you don't require other groups then editing the group file is unnecessary.

The group file in the CVSROOT directory holds a list of groups. The file has two fields seperated by a colon, the first is the group name, the second is a list of group members, separated by white space, such as:

group1: user1 user2 user3
group2: me you dognamedblue
group3: peter paul mary

To set up groups, edit the group file in the CVSROOT directory in the repository and set up the permissions for the groups.

Repository administrators are automatically made a member of the group 'admin'. Don't list this group in the group file.