ls--list modules, files and directories in the repository

Lists the contents of the repository, and optionally the latest version information from files within the repository.

Used without any parameters, it lists the toplevel directories (modules) in the repository. This includes directories created using the modules2 file.

The list is followed by the contents of the modules file, if available.

ls options

-D date

Show files current on a particular date.


Display in CVS/Entries format:

$ cvs ls -e CVSROOT
Listing module: CVSROOT

/checkoutlist/1.9/Wed Jan 26 19:08:06 2005/-kkv/
/commitinfo/1.10/Tue Jan 11 01:25:34 2005/-kkv/
/config/1.15/Sun Jan 23 02:15:57 2005/-kkv/

Display all details. Note that the usage of the -l option differs from other cvs commands. This is for consistency with the unix-style ls command.

$ cvs ls -l CVSROOT
Listing module: CVSROOT

checkoutlist                    1.9     Wed Jan 26 19:08:06 2005 -kkv
commitinfo                      1.10    Tue Jan 11 01:25:34 2005 -kkv
config                          1.15    Sun Jan 23 02:15:57 2005 -kkv

Ignore (Prune) empty directories.


Quieter output. Do not print extraneous human-readable prompts.


Recurse into subdirectories.

-r tag

Show files with the specified revision, tag or branch.


Show timestamps in local time instead of GMT.