passwd--Modify a user's password or create a user

Change the username/password information for a user. This command is only useful for those protocols which do not use system passwords (such as pserver). It does not affect the real system password of the user.

Ordninary users are only able to change their own cvs password. Repository administrators can use the full funcitonality of this command.

If invoked without a username, the current username is used. If invoked with a username, the repository administrator can change the details of another user.

passwd options


Add user. Adds a new user entry to the password file.


Disable user. Changes the password so that the user cannot log in.


Delete user. Remove the user entry from the password file.

-r user

Alias username to real system user. Before a virtual (pserver) user can log in the system needs to know which user account to use for that user.


Remove system alias for user.

-D domain

(Win32 only) Use the users' domain password instead of a separate password. For security reasons this is not recommended.