annotate--find out who made changes to the files

Annotate is used to discover who made changes to specific lines within files. The output to annotate gives the username, date and version number of the change.

The output to annotate is similar to checkout, for example:

1.54         (tmh      28-Aug-02):      char host[NI_MAXHOST];
1.54         (tmh      28-Aug-02):
1.71         (tmh      26-Mar-03):      if(!getnameinfo((struct sockaddr*)&ss,ss_len,host,NI_MAXHOST,NULL,0,flags))
1.54         (tmh      28-Aug-02):          remote_host_name = xstrdup(host);

This information is usually enough to assign blame (or credit!) when tracing bugs.

annotate options


Local directory only, no recursion


Process directories recursively (default).


Use head revision if tag is not found.

-r rev

Annotate files for specific revision or tag.

-D date

Annotate files for specific date