chacl--Change access control lists

Modify the access control list for a file or directory. See also the section called “Setting permissions for files and directories” for more details.

chacl options


Add access control entry - any combination of read,write,create,tag,control. Any of these may be prefixed by 'no' to deny access. Also special access all or none for setting all permissions.


Delete access control entry

-j branch

Entry applies when merging from branch.

-m message

Show customised error message when access is blocked due to this entry.


Stop entry from being inherited by subdirectories.

-p priority

Modify the priority that this entry has. This is an advanced option - the internal prioritisation is designed to work correctly in most circumstances.

-r branch

This entry applies to a single branch only.


Recurse into subdirectories. Note that becuase entries are by default recursive this option is not normally required.

-u user

This entry applies to a single user (or group) only.