tag--Create a tag or branch

Create or modify a tag in the repository.

A tag is a snapshot of a single moment in time in the repository. Normally a tag would be applied to entire directories, although it is possible to tag individual files if required. See also the section called “Tags-Symbolic revisions”

A branch is a unit of parallel development, which may or may not be kepy in sync with the main trunk. See also Chapter 6, Branching and merging

Creating a tag or branch does not change the working directory. To create and work with a branch it is also necessary to use the cvs update command to move your working directory onto that branch.

tag options


Make an alias of an existing branch (requires -r). See the section called “Alias tags”


Make a branch tag.


Check that the working files are unmodified before tagging.


Delete the named tag. Deletion of branches is not recommended.


Move the tag if it already exists. Not recommended for branches.


Allow -d and -F to be applied to branch tags. Use of this option is not recommended as it does not affect the revisions within the branch and can result in them being orphaned.


Force a head revision match if the existing branch is not found.


Process local directory only.


Create a floating, or 'magic' branch. A floating branch always points to the head of its parent branch, unless a revision is checked into it. Once a revision is added it becomes a normal fixed branch.


Process directories recursively.

-r rev

Select files based on existing tag/branch/revision.

-D date

Select files current on a specific date.