unedit--Mark edit as finished without committing

Discard any changes made and finish editing a file without committing. It may also be necessary to run an update command to retrieve the latest version of the file.

Unediting also sends out a notification to other users if the server is configured to do this. It will mark the working directory file as read only. See also the section called “Mechanisms to track who is editing files”

unedit options

-b bugid

Unedit only files marked as edited with bugid.


Process local directory only.

-m message

Specify the reason for this unedit. The message is sent to the trigger and notify programs on the server.


Revert file only. Do not perform unedit. This merely copies the unedited copy back onto the working copy.


Process directories recursively.

-u username

(repository administrators only) perform an unedit for another user.


Leave working directory file writable after the unedit.